3 Insights From Inbox Cash Explosion Workshop

I have been to a few online business workshops and Inbox Cash Explosion workshop has been the one which I felt was the most transparent and the whole team behind Inbox Cash Explosion is committed to my success.

I got to know Jaz Lai when I attended a charity event, “Learn-A-Thon” where he is one of the invited speakers and subsequently I saw his advertisement and attend the introductory session to his Inbox Cash Explosion workshop.

In both sessions, Jaz has portrayed to me as a sincere person without all the hype. Therefore, I signed up for his Inbox Cash Explosion workshop to learn from him.

I have been learning and experiencing so much from this journey and would like to share 3 insights that I gained from his workshop. I hope these insights can help you also grow right along with me and inspire you with new, exciting possibilities for your life.


Belief is the foundation of any ventures we may have in life including online business and we need to protect our belief.

We need to believe we can do it. We need to protect it from naysayers and like what Jaz shared in the workshop, the biggest challenge may be protecting our belief from people closest to us. They may be the ones who will be saying “Be Real”, “Please Grow Up” etc to drown our “little voice” within that says “I Can Do It, I Can Make It Happen!”.

Once we have determine our goal, protect our “Truth” and go for it, disconnect ourselves from all the non-empowering thoughts that are holding us back.

There was one activity in the workshop which helped us to break-through our non-empowering beliefs that we have formed over the years by bending the metal spoon into all sort of shapes. This has reinforced Napoleon Hill’s quote: “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.


Before joining the workshop, my thoughts were “scattered all over the place”.

Jaz has led me to 2 simple but important steps …

We need to simply focus on:

1. Building a list of audience, and
2. Building relationship with them.

And that connects everything that were scattered all over the place. This advice is not new to me, however, hearing it directly from someone who is successful with online businesses has shifted my perspective regarding online business.

The best part of the workshop is, instead of all theory lessons, we were taught how to build a system from scratch and formulate a plan to drive traffic to the system on a consistent basis. We left the workshop with a fully loaded “Live” online business system.


Having knowledge and “charged-up” after the workshop with no consistent action is just like blowing hot air.

Once committed to the goal, it takes perseverance to continue working towards the goal until it is achieved.

I was surprised during the “booster session” which was around 2 months after the workshop, Jaz went through the hassle of asking and answering each and everyone our challenges or problems that are holding us back and what else can Jaz and his team support us further.

It was also during the “booster session” that I realized most of us who were not getting results in our online business is because we were not taking consistent action and fine tuning it to achieve the results that we want.

Like all businesses, we need to market our online business consistently to gain more traction before we can see exponential growth.

This journey is not easy and it could be lonely.

However, you will not be walking alone in this journey with Inbox Cash Explosion. Jaz and his team are a call away from setting an appointment to working with them in their office. If going over to their office is too troublesome, there is also an active facebook group for Inbox Cash Explosion graduates where Jaz will personally interact with his students. Not forgetting the community of trainers and fellow graduates who are also in the same facebook group supporting each other in this journey.

It is clear to me that online business is something that I want to pursue. So I chose to persevere and nurture myself in this journey.

How about you? Are you going to choose to follow your “little voice”, regardless of what others think you should do?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post here today.

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